Alonso: “It’s more frustrating to be second or third”


Photo: McLaren

The feeling that give the gestures, images and faces that we see each weekend of competition is that no pilot is going so wrong this year as Jenson Button and Fernando Alonso, with a car that suffers problems of reliability race after race. However, the Spanish have a theory, and it is that the further you win, the more aware you are of where you are, and the less illusions you do. More or less that he has wanted to say in the statements collected by Autosport: “it Is true that I have had a season frustrating, but I think we are learning a lot. I think it’s even more frustrating when you’re second or third in the podium”. Do you dart to a Ferrari? Maybe. What is certain is that the champion believes that, if you don’t win and you have no choice of winning the title, the podiums serve a little bit.

The pilot of McLaren will diminish the importance of the image of the past weekend when, with their car broken down, he sat down to bask in the sun waiting for you to pick up: “You can see some of the faces of the champions this year and some of the problems between team-mates, who have also had some moments strange and some photos, strange. I’m not sure what people expect. When you retire and you’re waiting for the bike or the safety car to return to the box you have to be in a place, I don’t think I did anything different”. Alonso reiterated that what happened this year, it was necessary to focus with warranties 2016: “My head is in the next year, and I hope I have had all the problems now and zero the next year. It is a learning process, and it is the only way to be successful: learn from our mistakes, learn from our problems, and that is what we are doing”.

Without denying that has been a world difficult, refers to his previous seasons when, according to him, had no chance of winning his third crown: we All want to win, but it is difficult when in my case, from some years until now, I’ve noticed after a couple of races that I couldn’t take the championship. We knew that the Red bulls were a second faster than any other car before 2014, and since last year we know that Mercedes is one second faster than any other car”. this is Precisely why it is in Woking: “it Was one of the reasons why I moved to McLaren-Honda, because the only way to beat Mercedes in the near future is to have a project that’s very strong, a different kind of philosophy to understand the new Formula 1. I think I’m in the place correcto“.