Alonso: “McLaren and Honda have done an amazing job”


The new season is already beginning to take shape with the presentations and the imminent arrival of the test, something that Fernando Alonso looks forward to with enthusiasm.

“The start of a new season means a special sensation, that is characterized by a great advance of face to the year that starts. This year is no different: I am excited and eager to get started.”

Alonso is aware of the failure that was 2015, and the pressure that all of this is generated on the computer, and the internal relationship between McLaren and Honda, who many times came to the public realm. “last year, the spotlights were focused on McLaren-Honda since iniciábamos the first year of our renewed collaboration. It was a difficult season for all but we learned a great deal.

Already focused on 2016, Fernando Alonso stands out as productive in the winter, both for your mind and your physical preparation. Has been a winter that is very productive for me. I have trained very hard, as always, but I’ve also enjoyed time with my family and I have been aware of all the work that has been carried out in the McLaren Technology Centre in Woking”.

The rest and the training does not have prevented him from paying attention to the development of the new car, which seems to be very satisfied.

“The guys at McLaren have done an amazing job to have everything ready on time. The guys from Honda have also worked extensively on Sakura. The aerodynamic package shows an incredible attention to detail. In fact, the whole car is beautiful and, from an aerodynamic point of view, are very well packaged. I am fully prepared for the challenge that awaits us”.

Jenson Button was equally excited at what will be his 17th season in Formula 1. The british claims to be anxious to drive the new car, noting that “it looks tremendous,”, further highlighting that “we feel a lot of positive energy in these moments despite the complications that go through all in 2015”.


Button has always been a man of the team and shows it once more with his statements, claiming to be very proud of “the immense load of work that has been done to develop the MP4-31 over the winter and, as a consequence, llego the new season even more motivated and with more faith.

despite the countless problems found in 2015, Button would rather stay positive and look to the future with optimism.

“despite the ups and downs that we experienced last season, there was a steady improvement throughout the year, and that gives us confidence about the path we are taking with the design. We can build on several positive aspects and we have a solid base. I’m not going to make any forecast too optimistic, because the Formula 1 is too unpredictable, but from what I have seen so far, the details of the aerodynamic of the car has a fantastic look, and I’m eager to start testing these innovations, when I put the steering wheel of the car tomorrow”.