Alonso: McLaren is best situated to unseat Mercedes


Photo: McLaren F1

How The glass is half full or half empty? On the one hand, it is undeniable that the second year of the relationship McLaren-Honda is producing an improvement in the results. Contested eight races, the team from Woking accumulates 24 points, only three less of that added up throughout the season 2015. But his level of competitiveness is still far from the best, and, with a total of five dropouts, the reliability is still leaving a lot to be desired.

At the races in Montreal and Baku have again highlighted the shortcomings of the Honda engine in terms of power. however, Fernando Alonso did not lose faith in the possibilities of the alliance british-japanese and has been convinced that there is no other team is better placed to put an end to the current dominance of Mercedes.

There are weekends in which we are competitive and others that had a bad with long straight stretches, we do a lot of damage. But, in general, the team is doing things well. Someone is going to have to dominate the sport after Mercedes and, if we look at the other teams and manufacturers, I don’t think anyone is in a better arrangement of the future McLaren-Honda. We still have a long way to go, but I don’t think there is anyone that is doing better than us.

The team-mate of Alonso, Jenson Button, coincides with the latter diagnosis. Despite the disappointing outcome of the Grand Prix of Europe, thinks that there are reasons to keep the optimism and believes that the next round of the World championship, in Austria, they will be more favorable.

We have to continue improving in all aspects. Baku is probably the worst circuit for us by the straight-so long, but not that it was a result of horrible. We do not manage points, but we get a lot of good information. We cut a lot of downforce and still the car gave me a good feeling in the curves, which is something positive. The next race is at a track a little more balanced; it is a circuit a little strange, but it should adapt more to the characteristics of our.