Alonso misses to fight for the championship


Fernando Alonso has acknowledged in statements to ‘Autosport’ one of the things he misses most is being able to fight for a championship of Formula 1. The champion of 2005 and 2006, recognises that is a feeling that’s strange, the whole time accumulates four seasons in which it has not had any real options to fight for the title. A feeling of bitter for a pilot in addition to winning his two titles, has come up with options math of out champion to the last race of the seasons 2007, 2010 and 2012, with rivals of the likes of Lewis Hamilton, Kimi Räikkönen or Vettel.

I’ve been lucky enough to experience the feeling of fighting for the title five times affirmed a Fernando Alonso who somehow recognized that all the tasks involved in contesting the Formula 1 are not the same without the option of fighting for the championship at the end of the season: “you Train, you work on the simulator, you’re going to the factory, doing events, talking with the media, do all that you can do to be competitive on Sunday and fight for the title. In the last four years strange, that feeling of getting with chances to fight for the championship“.

In this aspect, Alonso added to the luck that you have had to live this feeling: on the other hand I feel very fortunate to have been able to feel that pressure and those emotions on five occasions, winning two. There are many other drivers that have a great talent and not even have the opportunity to race in Formula 1. Arrive at the championship, but never have the opportunity to experience what it is to the podium, live the press conference of the first three, to experience the feeling of starting in the pole position or win a Great Prize and drivers are very talented. So of course I feel very lucky.


all in all, the spaniard admits that his toughest opponent has been Michael Schumacher, because I got to take the fight for the title of the Formula 1 to the limit and until the end:
“When the Bridgestone tires were going well, he always met and
win. When Michelin had the advantage, he was always there. In the end
of week that you thought you could get quite a few points, he ended
the second or the third. Always got something more. Of all the drivers with
I’ve fought, he has been the only one able to do that

To such battles, Alonso has also recognized that
it is difficult to get used to the performance of the McLaren after being
accustomed to success: “McLaren is the second best team of the history
of the Formula 1, and when fighting for the Q1, there is something that is not normal.
Everyone in the team feel great pressure, frustrates us all because we can not
to meet the expectations
. The personal frustration of not being able to fight for
the podium is also important, especially when you can not give everything because
at ten laps you have problems. Not that I have forgotten to drive,
there are only situations that are outside of our control“.