Alonso: “No one has surrendered at McLaren-Honda, I’m sticking with the commitment”


The Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi will be the last of the 60 that McLaren and Honda will compete in together after the return of the japanese brand to Formula 1 in 2015. The results have been very disappointing, with three-fifths posts best finish in 24 races in which the team has managed to get points.

Fernando Alonso, present in the official conference of the Grand Prix, has been asked about the change of supplier of engines, considering that it is the perfect time for it. “It’s a good time to change. I personally had a lot of expectations with this project, that was the reason why I left Ferrari. McLaren-Honda was something very attractive, an alliance with a lot of success in the past. It is true that we have not got the results, nor have we been able to perform as expected, so now is the time to change”.

To argue the change of engine, McLaren set as a reference what was achieved by Red Bull this year, despite having had many problems of reliability and less power than Mercedes and Ferrari, has been able to achieve three victories and 13 podiums. “I Am very optimistic seeing what makes Red Bull with the Renault engine. It is true that still lack a bit in certain aspects, but in general fights for podiums and victories, is a very different picture of what we have in the McLaren, so I am very optimistic in that sense. It is true that I feel at home with Renault, is back with those I consider my friends, a second family, it’s going to be great. They are a great brand and have a very good engine, no doubt”.


At certain times of the season, the McLaren drivers have spent more time in the pits than on the track.

The best, the commitment

But, what has been the best of the alliance with Honda? Fernando Alonso recognizes that you can not rescue a sporting outcome is really positive, but at a personal level. “What I take away from the last three years is the commitment, the spirit of the team, which has been amazing. It is true that I have had ups and downs in my career on other teams, but this is the first time that, despite the performance that we had in the race, the team remained committed to cap for the next. There has not been a single person that has surrendered. It is a lesson that I will take with me for the future”.

despite the performance that we had in the race, the team remained committed to cap for the next

In regard to the last Grand Prix of the season, Fernando Alonso faces with the same target of the last races: try to reach Q3 in qualifying and points in the race. “it will Certainly be a end of a difficult week, as all, are not going to change overnight. We will try to fight for being in the Q3 and in the points on Sunday. To make a good start and a good strategy and then defend tooth and nail the position in which we are”.

Finally, Fernando Alonso was asked about the work done by Liberty Media in his first season at the front of the Formula 1. The Spanish recognized that the presentation designed in the Grand Prix of the united States seemed to him “a bad copy of Indianapolis”, but otherwise appreciated the change. “Aside from Austin, I think we have put in place good initiatives, and that is a good step forward. I am very happy with what they are doing and what you think for the future. I think that the fans are closer to the sport and the equipment. You can almost touch the cars and may even have experiences with the Formula 1, so I think you’re going in the right direction”.