Alonso: “No one thinks of being fourth or sixth in the McLaren”


on February 24, has started a new era in McLaren. The
training of Woking has put all the meat on the grill so that it is with
the presentation of the McLaren MCL32, a car that changes nomenclature and colors
respect to their ancestors, and which have placed months of work to interpret the new technical regulations of the best way possible.
Fernando Alonso is aware of everything and therefore the illusion enveloped the
during the presentation of the car of McLaren. Always with the feet on the
soil, the spaniard has also been optimistic.

Fernando Alonso has also put his two cents in
this whole process of performing a physical preparation of high level:
We trained very hard, as never. Now I’m very well and very
motivated, perhaps more so than in other pre-season. All in all, up to the second or
the third race will not know really where we are, but it is true that
after the test always see something
, especially if there is any equipment that
dominates as happened with Mercedes these years, that I saw that were exceeded.
We have all the ingredients to have a good year“.

In relation to the new car, the spaniard stated: “Is
the first time that we see it today, is very exciting. it Is good to see the colors
McLaren with this orange
. With the new regulations, the car seems to
spectacular, let’s hope it is as beautiful as fast. It will be one of the cars
more beautiful that can fly. Of all the cars that we’ve seen this week
I prefer this for its aesthetic, but it will be more ‘sexy’ the faster you go,
although it is all the car most nice that I have driven in the past 16 years.
Along with the Mercedes is the most worked. If the car is in front, I will do anything
more than the rest to return to ganar”.


A car that is born of a great exchange policy
expected to take advantage Alonso: There is hope with these new rules
improve the show
and will make the car faster, but we must
wait a week that comes in Barcelona and the first few races. It is a good
change for Formula 1, something that we needed, fastest and most beautiful cars.
Until now, we were a second and a half or two seconds of the Mercedes, and not
it will be easy to recover this advantage, but not only for us, also for
Williams or Ferrari. We’ll try it, hopes there is“.

By analyzing your rivals, Alonso believes that: I’ve Never
left a computer after out-dominator
. If I go to Ferrari and then
they had won it, I would have pulled my hair out. You have not done so and the same thing
when I went to Renault, so now I’m where I want to be and not me
sorry. All in all, Mercedes will be the team to beat, Red Bull will also be
candidate and hopefully we’re there. Nobody thinks about being fourth or sixth in the McLaren.
Our car seems to be, next to the Mercedes, the most elaborate. Have the
ingredients to have a good year
, I am where I want to be and I have more desire
than in any other preseason”.

Speaking of target, Fernando Alonso insisted: Nobody thinks about to be fourth or sixth on a site like
, in a factory like this. It is a season important to us, to
this year we are hopeful that McLaren back to where it belongs. But the
Formula 1 it’s not math, it is a sport very complex and we do not want to promise
nothing to the fans or to us, only to work hard, to do miles and
have a lot of information to have a clear direction in the coming months. All
starts today for all, but the team began months ago and there is a lot of
work behind


The first step will be the test in Barcelona:If the result in the test are bad, nothing would happen. There would only be more work, but I don’t think that happens. Now I can only think in enjoy them, because in addition to here in Australia will change everything. This does not mean that in principle we can fight for podiums, but it depends on how is the car. I can only decirque if the car is fast I want to win the title. If the car is to make fifth, I want to make the podium. That is the premise, we’re going to go all out”.

Asked about his conversations with Mercedes, the spaniard
recognized: “When Rosberg retired, there were a couple of days in which I had
some of the conversations and calls. But somehow I said that I was
happy at McLaren
. I think that McLaren and Ferrari are the two teams with the most
prestigious. It is a coincidence that now the two are not gaining, but
I am where I want to be. , I Supported the decision of Rosberg, I believe that it is in their
character. In my case, I can’t stop, is like a drug. I will be 80 years old and safe
I’m giving the go-karts

And to conclude, Alonso looked to the future: I will decide my
future after the summer
. Until August or September makes no sense to speak of
nothing of all this. Until September, after the holidays, you might not think of
a lot in my future. I want to be champion, I train for that, and I start the year
with the maximum commitment. I Now look forward to a Formula 1 for real, not a GP2, a
important change in the steering. There was always something to save and not now
this will be, I hope. Fans will enjoy a higher track speed.