Alonso: “Probably yes again to be champion”


Photo: McLaren

Located at the end of the championship the relief of one who removes the shoe and pull out that china, which has made him bitter the way. Your china has not been to china, but japanese, and although he has managed to stay calm during the greater part of the year, has hurt. Fernando Alonso was interviewed by AS and showed his more personal side, ensuring that even he has grown as a person: “The Fernando of the past year would have frustrated the most. The whole world would be blaming the other, all try to prove that your work is good, and to see this union in the McLaren made me improve and be a better person”. That is what stands out from your team: “Working with people with such discipline has been impressive. You learn things: the virtue of patience, the union, we all want the same thing and we have to work extra to minimize the time of pain and frustration”.

Pain and frustration can summarize what has been sense. And the companion Manuel Franco asks what many of us also ask, what will be champion?: “Certainly. Yes”. Although it does not achieve this for the third there would be no failure: “I Wish I could, but of the 20 pilots that we run, only four have been champions and six or seven have won a big prize. If I leave with two titles and 30 victories and what I do sad or disappointed, it would be a lack of respect to my fellow”. Right now, the McLaren-Honda, nor sad, nor disappointed: “I’m happy because I have a job that fills me, I look forward to, it makes me get up every morning and have hope and a goal, an end for which to work, something that had been lost by the monotony of seeing an environment without the spark to try and win. The results are bad and it is frustrating, but I’m happy in terms of family and personal life that is what really matters to me”.

Be three-time does not take away from the dream. There will always be other disciplines where back win: “Get title more or less is important, but not more than that, within a few years is not going to import anything, there are other things that I have.if you’ve managed to win and you have fulfilled your dreams, you’ve got to repeat it, and that’s a big motivation, because to be world champion in any specialty is everything to an athlete, but if you can’t repeat it, there is happiness in other places or things, there are other dreams”. Is a gifted behind the wheel, who has just finished the worst year of his career since 2001, but appreciates what he has because he knows that is not the worst is: “When something happens to me, I see a mechanic taking apart the box, are the four of the afternoon and has to work until two in the morning… back to the real world after you get angry with yourself“.