Alonso reaches the 222 miles per hour on his first day in Indy


The movements and gestures of Fernando Alonso before you get to the Dallara DW12 were of concern and anticipation. The movements and gestures to get off for the last time, satisfaction. The Spanish pilot successfully completed its abbreviated private test at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, in which he had his first contact on the track with the race car that will be on the track in the Indianapolis 500 next may 28.

After Marco Andretti did the shakedown at the aranjado car to put it to point configuration with a neutral, Alonso took to the track for the first time five minutes before five in the afternoon, Spanish time. After some laps exploratory, starting with a twist at 192 miles per hour, Alonso began almost immediately their Rookie Orientation, which exceeded in 57 minutes after giving 51 laps.

from there, the pilot spaniard consumed with their games of rubbers with several stint short, dropping downforce progressively to find more speed and be more comfortable in the car. In these 37 additional laps, the Spanish rider climbed at speed safely and steadily to up to 221 miles per hour and, in his last stint, he signed two turns over the so-called 222 mph, setting a best time in 222.548 mph (40.440 seconds).


The brief appearance of rain, coupled with the fact that Alonso confirmed that he had spent his five sets of tyres, they promised to give to the fret with the rest of the day. However, the presence of the front of rain that threatened the area was delayed long enough for Alonso could complete 22 spins more with used tyres, alternating testing of the Pace Car with laps in the range of 218 miles per hour, and leaving it as an anecdote, the outrage is accidentally two birds simultaneously. To the 21:25 (Spanish time), even with an hour and a half more in the time trial, the rain put an end to your first day in the IndyCar series.

In total, Alonso has ended his test with 110 laps, a total of 275 miles, and more than 440 kilometers, equivalent to 55% of distance to complete the race day. The day of the tests was covered with a direct transmission on the part of IndyCar, widely followed by almost a million unique users on Facebook Live, and with peaks of 75,000 concurrent users on YouTube. The next appearance of the spaniard in the oval of a competitive will not occur until the may 15, the day in which the free practice sessions, official race will start.