Alonso reiterated his faith in McLaren-Honda, “from the first day until the last”


Fernando Alonso has been since the beginning of this season one of the members of the team, the more critical the situation and the lack of results from Honda, stating that all at McLaren are ready to win again except for the japanese.

But that said, the Spanish rider has continued performing at the highest level and has defended the reputation of all members of the project McLaren-Honda, stating that you are leaving the skin to get what they deserve.

On arrival at Spa-Francorchamps, Fernando Alonso has reiterated his commitment to the team and, though not known if it will continue to be part of him in 2018, will ensure the 100% until the last day. “I have demonstrated to all and I have proven that I have faith in everything. I’ve been here three years in different situations. The first year was very difficult with many problems, the second year with a good progress and I think that with a car of half the grid in most races. This year we start in a situation quite difficult, but we recovered again the positions of half of grill. From the first day until the last, I always believe in the project and always try to be positive and optimistic, stay close to the team and continue working, 24 hours a day”, said the spaniard, who this weekend faces his Grand Prix number 285.

won’t get any benefit if exploded. We are just as fast as we can, all the world is giving the maximum

Various have been the voices that have been shown to be surprised by the patience of the Spanish pilot. Nico Rosberg admitted this week that it would not be able to compete for so long for positions as delayed and a personal friend of Alonso, Mark Webber, acknowledged not understand that the Spanish did not explode as a result of the difficult situation of the team. Alonso has remembered both testimonies before the press to point out his commitment to McLaren. “sometimes people are surprised to find that my faith in the project. Rosberg said that he could not do what I do, Webber is surprised that has not been exploited. I always stay calm and try to work and believe in the work of all the world”.


Fernando Alonso has spoken out on several occasions, by calling attention publicly to whom he considered that he was not performing at 100%, but at this time believes that it would be useless because the team works tirelessly to reverse the situation. “‘t get any benefit if exploded. If I do and I win a second in the next race because they work more hard, I do it. But we are just as fast as we can. All the world is giving the maximum, so I’m grateful for that, but obviously we need more”.

All I know is that Honda is working day and night to improve the engine. But it is difficult to predict what’s going to happen in the next six or seven months

Honda is the key to everything or, at least, of the return of McLaren to the positions of the table, but Fernando Alonso says does not know if that will happen at some point. “I am Not an expert to know it. I don’t have ideas, I do not have its knowledge in the development of the engine, all I know is that they are working day and night to improve the engine. But it is difficult to predict what’s going to happen in the next six or seven months, how much you can improve. I’m sure that will do the best job possible and they will improve as much as you can”, commented to end the spaniard, who has confirmed that from next month will begin to define their future to 2018. “I Still have a week of peace and quiet, I don’t know what teams have confirmed their drivers for next year. When September comes, I’ll think about the options”.