Alonso repeated encounter with their followers on Instagram


Fernando Alonso repeated the experience of meeting with his followers in Instagram, and to answer some of your questions live. On this occasion were more than 70,000 people are connected to share a few minutes with their idol, which answered multiple questions on various topics.

less than a month Ago, the Spanish driver has done the same and, after the success of the previous meeting, he repeated, showing his optimism usual with respect to the season that will begin in Australia at the end of march. To achieve this, it is necessary to complete a second week of test satisfactory, and Alonso believes that McLaren will be able to “give long runs with the motor to stop. Last week we could have done long runs, but with the loss of the first day we felt that it was better to give short runs of five laps with 18 settings different that only eight outputs of 15 laps each. It was a difficult week but we have collected a lot of useful information”, said the pilot of McLaren, who already anticipates that all of the computers on the grill-including McLaren-throws in quite a few modifications on the car this week. “McLaren and the other teams will have news this second week. In the first week to hide all the new parts and the true evolution of the car is taught in Australia”.

Red Bull, the favorite team

Fernando Alonso is one of the that he sees Red Bull as the favorites for the title this season despite the fact that have been Mercedes and Ferrari teams that have called attention in the first week of filming in Barcelona. “The test doesn’t mean anything. In my opinion, the strongest team in the fight for the championship is Red Bull right now. Now nobody has them because it is wary of times, but have not seen anything. Every year we do the same thing. To Australia arrive with a car that does not look like anything of the test. I do not make predictions and it will be difficult to beat Mercedes part as the favorite,”. And What About McLaren? Alonso asks that you do not make value judgments in the times. “I Understand the pessimism because we didn’t have a good week, but there are teams that have been shot less and with worse times and I think that has not much sense to speculate. I think that we could have done a 1:19 low easily, but like all. Maybe Mercedes could do a 1:17 low, so that we don’t trust the times”.

A German team that arrived to contact with Fernando Alonso after knowing that Nico Rosberg it would withdraw from the competition, but that did not delve into the possibility of negotiating with the Spanish. “When it was Rosberg made calls to all over the world and well, there was an option to go to Mercedes in 2017 because I have a contract with McLaren. I don’t know that say Mercedes on 2007, which are things that don’t make sense”, in a clear reference to the statements of Toto Wolff stating that what happened in McLaren in 2007 damaged the team and the own Alonso in a way, which still have not been able to recover.

The MCL32 have a good base

Fernando Alonso says that the chassis of the McLaren has been born with a good feeling, but that will improve even more of the face of Australia and does not close the door to get a podium this season. “The chassis is going well. I think it has a good base and I could feel a good grip in curves and, as all the equipment, which we are testing in Barcelona has nothing to do with what we will run in Australia, which will be a chassis with more grip. Hopefully be on the podium this year, I’m going to go all out. I am very excited to get good results. I find myself super well, today I made 80 minutes of continuous running and gym. I’m busy”, said the Spanish rider.

“Until the summer will not think about the coming year

The renewal with McLaren and the possible presence of Alonso in the Formula 1 during the next few seasons, was also a topic of conversation in the direct, assuring the Spanish that even summer does not value their future and that now he wants to focus on competing. “we’ll see. There is no novelty in that aspect. Until the summer will not think about the coming year and only I will focus on the races. I have left many years running, but we’ll see how things are. I only have 35 years and I still have many years of competition. I don’t think the racing will be more fun. The new legislation affects the cars, not the show. Continues to be a F1 ‘normal’ in that sense, there have been no revolutions to 2017. I miss the engines V10, its sound. The F1 does not deserve these engines now, but they are the future, so we have to get used to it”, said, resigned.


The encouraging performance of Renault in the test led to the question of whether Alonso would return to the team that allowed him to win his two titles, but the spaniard closes down that possibility. “I would Not return to drive the Renault, honestly. You will always be in my heart and I will be a follower of his, but with the new rules we should see which team dominates, you always like to be riding for the team that wins. Hopefully Renault will win again, but only I’m focused on winning with McLaren”.

Finally, Alonso assessed the performance of two of the pearls of the grill: Max Verstappen and Stoffel Vandoorne, who are considered great talents. “Verstappen is a guy with an amazing talent and you will have opportunity to do great things in the future starting with this year with Red Bull. It is a pilot to be reckoned with and a rival very good. Stoffel (Vandoorne) has a talent giant, so I hope a partner very fast. There is a very good atmosphere and I’ve known him for three years. We pass well and hopefully we will be able to compete,”, commented to finish the Spanish rider.