Alonso responds to fans in a new edition of #AskAlo


Fernando Alonso has always been an introvert and reserved. To avoid the harassment of the press and miscalculations with some of their activities, Alonso decided in February 2012 to use social networks to interact with their fans in a direct way.

One of the initiatives that the Spanish rider has repeated on several occasions is a questionnaire of their fans through the hashtag #AskAlo, with the that you select some of the questions, which include all sorts of topics.

If you were a team boss and you had to choose two riders, who would you choose?

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¿What country/circuit you would like to return to the F1 calendar?

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¿do you Think that F1 should have more or less than 21 races per season?

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¿Is Malaysia 2010 (when you ran over without a clutch) the race in which you’ve been in more trouble at the time of driving?

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What has been the Grand Prize for the most hard physically of your career?

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¿What moment has been the hardest of your career in F1?

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If puedieras choose a circuit on which to get your first victory with McLaren-Honda, what would it be?

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¿What do you think is the appropriate age to start in karting?

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¿Have preferences regarding the return of refueling Would eliminate the need to conserve fuel.

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Finally, Fernando Alonso said goodbye to all the participants via a video on Instagram, in which he answered also to a question more.

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