Alonso returns to the routine of the F1 in Canada


Fernando Alonso has enjoyed a kind of dream in Indianapolis, returning to experience the pleasant feeling of being one of the candidates to victory. During the month of may, the Spanish rider has been the center of attention in the 500 Miles, but it is time to return to the reality of Formula 1.

A reality that returns to a attention different: the one of the referents of the category that has to be limited to use his talent in trying to get the first points for the team in the seventh race of the season. “it Is well to return to Canada, I feel like I’ve spent a lot of time in North America lately! The 500 Miles were an incredible experience, and it has been awesome to learn a completely different style of driving on a different surface and with a different car, but I am ready to return to the daily work and compete in the Formula 1 again”.

From Indianapolis I was aware of the news that came from Monaco. Vandoorne and Button said good things of the new parts.

The circuit Gilles Villeneuve in Montreal is one of the most appreciated by fans of the races and Fernando Alonso also appreciates his character. “I’ve Always enjoyed the Canadian Grand Prix. The circuit is unique and asks for a lot of the car as the pilot, so that is a path to authentic pilots”, said the Spanish.

“While I was in Indianapolis, I was aware of the news that came from Monaco and Vandoorne and Button said good things about the new updates and the reliability, so I hope that we continue moving forward in Canada,”, has commented, hoping to be able to take advantage of continuous improvement of the chassis to try and alleviate, in part, the lack of power of the Honda engine.


however, Fernando Alonso is well aware that the path canadian requires a powerful engine, so that does not become too many illusions about the result that you can get at the Gilles Villeneve. “The performance at the circuit Gilles Villeneuve depends a lot in straight-line speed and power. You are not going to adapt to our car as much as the winding and slow curves of Monaco, but I’m thrilled to return to the MCL32, to catch up with the people from the team and return to the track, so that you don’t turn only to the left this time!”, said in a tone of joke.

New experience for Vandoorne

Stoffel Vandoorne, for his part, completed in Monaco for a weekend full of contradictions. On the one hand, it was more competitive than in the previous races, but committed two errors at important moments that prevented him from getting the first points of the year. “Monaco was a weekend full of events for the whole team. I felt really comfortable in the car every time he came out to the track and I felt I could push to the maximum and maybe bring home some points, it is a pity that does not end well”.

The belgian driver says that the innovations introduced by McLaren in Spain and Monaco have of course a step forward and have interest in seeing how to leverage it in Canada. “We have taken a step forward in the chassis thanks to some new features that the team has worked hard, so let’s see how this translate in Canada, a circuit that we’re going to run with a set point different”.


As has happened in most of the circuits visited so far, Stoffel Vandoorne will face a path that has only been known in the simulator. “It’s a new place for me, since I’ve never driven here before, but I have done so many times in the simulator”. Despite this, Vandoorne was able to draw conclusions and to experience the difficulties that have made this circuit one of the great challenges of the calendar of Formula 1. “Is a path hard, and I understand the reasons why people say that it is a track of pilots, have a high level of concentration is essential, it’s the wall of champions is proof of that!”.

Will be good to have Alonso back next to me, has a lot of experience on this track, something that will be useful.

The long straights mixed with the strong braking make that Montreal is probably the circuit on the calendar with more demanding for the brakes and the usual presence of the safety car give more importance to the strategies during the race. “This race will be tough for the brakes, the engines and the pilots. With possible safety cars, there is a lot to think about in terms of strategy. Will be good to have Alonso back next to me, has a lot of experience on this track, something that will be useful. It will not be the race easier for us. In comparison with Monaco, there are more opportunities for overtaking, which I hope we are able to offer more options for being in the fight”.