Alonso tested a new engine, Honda more powerful


While it is not the new engine in which Honda has been working for several months, at least the japanese constructor has been able to introduce a part resulting from such development in the Grand Prix of Azerbaijan.

it Is a development of the combustion engine that throws more power and that has allowed Fernando Alonso to win 11 km/h with respect to his teammate Stoffel Vandoorne with an aerodynamic configuration similar to as published Autosport.

The engine also has shown to be reliable and, on this occasion, has been the gearbox, which has limited the filming of Fernando Alonso and, therefore, the new engine that was being evaluated.

Taking into account that Fernando Alonso will face a penalty of fifteen squares by the use of a sixth unit of the turbo and energy recovery system heat (MGU-H), Honda has decided that for the rest of the weekend the Spanish use an engine already used in order to avoid overloading of mileage this new unit.


The new version of the engine tested on the day of Friday, will be replaced by the former for the rest of the weekend.

Reliable and more powerful

in this respect, Yusuke Hasegawa has confirmed that Honda has introduced “an update on the power unit of Alonso, with which we shot in both free practice sessions”.

The head of Honda has claimed that it has completed the “program agreement provided” and that can “to confirm the effectiveness of the improvement in the data”. Although Hasegawa has admitted that it is disappointing that “Fernando has had to stop your car in the Free 2”, was pleased to have seen “some progress in the power of the thruster unit”.

Hasegawa has pointed out that no problems have been detected of reliability in this unit and is encouraged by the results. “we have Not had any big problem with the new version of the V6 Turbo and I feel that we have taken a step forward encouraging”.