Alonso: “The ultimate challenge for an F1 driver is the Indy 500”


The countdown has begun for Fernando Alonso, that after the end of the Bahrain Grand Prix Formula 1, got in contact with Andretti Autosport to start work on their participation in the issue 101 of the Indianapolis 500-Mile race the last weekend of may.

The Spanish rider has traveled to Alabama to be present in the circuit of Barber, in which this weekend was held the third round of the IndyCar series. Have you met the team members and the internals of the competition, as well as the pilots and advisors that will help you to speed up your adaptation to a type of competition so different from the Formula 1.

As part of its programme of work, Fernando Alonso has appeared before the press moved to its circuit next to Michael Andretti and Zak Brown, maximum responsible of Andretti Autosport and McLaren respectively. In that appearance she has treated all the issues, focusing on the illusion that makes this challenge and aware that it is of the complexity of the same.

The experience of the 500 Miles

“this Is my first time in Alabama and I hope that won’t be the last. I want to see more of Alabama, aside from the circuit. Have been ten days of amazing since the announcement, I am very excited for this opportunity. to Compete in the best races against the best drivers and the fastest cars. I want to live experiences as the 500 Miles, I’m looking forward to. I know that is a challenge very difficult, but I will have at my side to the best mechanics and the best equipment for a challenge that is very hard and exciting. The ultimate challenge for an F1 driver is the Indy 500”.

busy schedule

“I Want to give thanks to McLaren-Honda for this opportunity and the team Andretti Autosport for making it possible. The next two weeks are going to be interesting, many trips come and go from here to Europe: first the GP of Russia, then returned to the test, then to Spain… I will have to make many trips, but I’m wishing”.

triple crown

“four or five years Ago I started thinking about how to grow as a pilot, how to be a larger pilot. I wanted to win more races, the best races in the world. I Thought that they are the Indianapolis 500, the Formula 1 and the 24 Hours of Le Mans. The triple crown has only got one man in history (Graham Hill). I Thought that I was not going to be able to compete in another site until I retire from Formula 1 and it now makes me feel very happy and proud of my team. To win it is something very big and you need a lot of things, but I take it as an experience. If the race out tomorrow, I would not be prepared because I don’t know anything of it. I will go step by step, I will make a simulator, then classification, then rodaré with traffic… Day-to-day. On the 28th of may I will be prepared as the most”.

“The goal is the triple crown more than move to IndyCar. I take this race as their sole objective. I hope to be competitive and get it some day, but I do not wont to run around the championship. Mine is the F1 and, if I do anything else, will be racing loose out of it.

The best possible equipment

“they’re Going to help me, I know Alexander (Rossi) and Takuma (Sato) of the F1 and I will be able to give advice. But all of the equipment and the environment Andretti is going to help me. I have Already been working the last week with the engineers and through e-mails with the team. They are the best team he could have for this adventure, Andretti has a lot of meaning. In the world of competition is a part of history and we cannot understand it without Andretti. I grew up following these heroes and be part of the team makes me feel proud.”

An unprecedented challenge

“For the fans was totally unexpected. It is difficult to jump from one series to another in the same season. there has been No precedent in history. The last few that have tried have already had experience or at least a few months of test. Is something unique, I am aware of that, and the fans also. But if you like racing, you’ll love it”.

“we will See the may 29, what is the situation today, how much I have enjoyed and how competitive I have been. What’s important is how I step, I love the competition and do it in the car very fast. Is very attractive to race here and it will be a unique atmosphere. After that, whatever happens with the results, we will think of what is in the future from that time. I Want to be the pilot the world’s most comprehensive and I need to get to know different types of riding. If I do not win this year, we’ll see.”

The help of Juan Pablo Montoya

“It’s great to compete against the best riders in the world. Here not only is John Paul. is Also Oriol Serviá, that I know very well. I know a 25% of the pilots here with experience in F1. John Paul is one of the best in the world and one of the most talented with which I have competed, running against him in the superspeedway is great: I will learn a lot and I’m looking forward to talking with him and any advice will be well received”.


the use of The simulator

“I Believe that in F1 the level of the simulator is very high. We use it a lot for tuning and development. We also use the simulator in the Major Prizes, first we went out to the track and then we asked the testers of the simulator. I don’t know how it will be in IndyCar, but I hope to learn things and to see how much I use it. I am very open and committed to work. I lose whatever, dinners for example, if it is good to learn”.

Gil de Ferran will be your advisor

“Everything will be complicated. Everything will be a challenge. The traffic, the level of downforce, the track level will not be the same on the straights, the braking… we’ll See if I can learn as fast as you can. The strategies and the restarts are different… As I have said, I’m in the best team to take experience, with coaches such as Gil de Ferran. If you ask me now, I’m not prepared, but within a few weeks, yes I’ll be. Are different riding techniques. But there is a great excitement around this race. I’m looking forward to. I will learn from scratch, as a rookie, or even less. I am confident in being ready.”

The main objective

“is The best advice? Enjoy. that is why this race is so great and so unique. Experiencing these emotions is great and they all tell me that you enjoy. Try not to forget what I’m doing or why I’m doing it”.