Alonso wants to return to the classification to a back


Fernando Alonso is an important voice in the paddock and, until now, had been running about the controversy around the qualifying format. He had only said that there was no need to change it, like so many other pilots, as there are other pressing problems in the Formula 1.

via twitter, in one of his usual interviews with his followers, has responded by, among other things, what format would you choose. The question, put by an editor of the website Motor Magazine, was direct: What classification do you think should be adopted by the FIA for Formula 1? The answer, leaner but clearer still: “A single turn each pilot.”

A single turn each pilot.
— Fernando Alonso (@alo_oficial) April 4, 2016

Alonso wants to return to a system that gave him success in his time. Since half of the 2005 season and all of 2006, the pole positions are elected by a single attempt for each pilot: a return, without possibility of error. This format contained a disadvantage: almost all were expecting at the end of the session, when the track was in better conditions of temperature and rubber on the asphalt, to make your attempt. This led to large gaps of time with no action on track, despite the fact that it would guarantee the presence of all the cars, at least for that minute, and something that rolled.

This Thursday will decide which system is adopted from now on, seen that the phasing has been an absolute fiasco. The proposal that is on top of the table is similar to the one that was there at the beginning of the 2005 season, until the GP of Europe: an aggregate of the two best laps. This format, unlike the one that is going to propose, it was done in two days.