Alonso: “we Can be in the top 5 battling with Ferrari”


McLaren expected to pass the bad experience of the first two races after the summer break and, once fulfilled the procedure, a take-off on the circuits which are more favourable to the conditions of the car.

Now, with the advent of circuits such as Singapore, Austin or Abu Dhabi, Fernando Alonso hopes to reach even to enter among the first five classified. “From Singapore onwards, we should be in the points
regularly with the performance that has the car now. In some
races, such as Austin or Abu Dhabi, we can be in the top five,
I hope that struggling with Ferrari”

“From Singapore, begins a championship different to us

Alonso says they are very aware of the strengths and weaknesses of the McLaren-Honda and that they can aspire to score with regularity and, if you are able to get to be perfect on the weekends more favorable, even to unsettle Ferrari. “from Singapore, begins a championship different to
us. The car seems quite competitive, so that we can be
in the points comfortably. We know what we do, we know
our weaknesses, we know the strong points of the car. Come
races that should be good for us, so we need
run them to perfection and to maximize the points”

This year, McLaren has scored in eight of the fourteen races held so far and the team is in the sixth position of the constructors championship.