Alonso: “We will be able to find answers when the car back to Woking”


As it could not be otherwise, taking into account the background, the last day of testing for McLaren-Honda again be marked by the problems and malfunctions. The MCL32 again suffered the same electrical problems that the previous day, with Stoffel Vandoorne behind the wheel, but in this case with Fernando Alonso as a victim.

The Spanish rider acknowledges that “it has been a disappointing finish the test, since we were not able to take full advantage of the last day. The morning started in a positive way and we were working well, until the car lost power on a curve and it shut off, so I had to stop”, said Alonso about the failure that occurred when you had not yet completed even 20 turns.

Minutes after McLaren returned to the track, but the hope was short lived and the same problem was reproduced again. “We were able to get back on track again without any problem and all worked well for a few laps until it happened again, so we realized that we needed to investigate more thoroughly during the lunch hour and make more changes”.

And so it was, although at least this time it served to solve the problem definitely, allowing the Spanish rider to wheel up to get a total of 43 laps, a figure much below normal in the rest of the teams. “I Am happy that we could come back in the afternoon, we wanted to be all the time possible on the track as each lap is useful for our learning”, ” said Fernando Alonso trying to make something positive of the day.

McLaren is aware that the Australian Grand Prix will be very hard and Yusuke Hasegawa has admitted that there is fear for the situation, but Fernando Alonso tries to seem optimistic, ensuring that the team can get well prepared to the first race. “it Is clear that we have a lot of preparation ahead to be ready in time for Melbourne. I know the team is working hard and we will be able to find more answers once we get the car back to the factory. I hope that we will be able to take the next step to be ready in Melbourne”.