Alonso: “we will Help all we can to Vandoorne, is the future of McLaren”


Fernando Alonso and Jenson Button have as a main objective to be successful in their respective sporting careers. But both are aware that these are near the end -at least in Formula 1 refers to-, they want to contribute to the maximum in the future success of the partnership between McLaren and Honda.

An important part of that future is Stoffel Vandoorne, who has enormous potential and is destined to become the leader of the team. “Jenson
and I feel that we need to help Stoffel to enter in the F1,
we know
that in the future is going to be the man to continue in McLaren”
recognizes a Fernando Alonso could leave Formula 1 next year.

Alonso, in a statement to Autosport, recognizes that the goal of every pilot is to beat your team mate and achieving individual success but, at least in the case of McLaren, both he and Jenson Button want to contribute in a very important to the success of the team. This
year, Jenson and I want to fight and try to batirnos one
another, but at the same time,
we want to help the team.
Stoffel helps us a lot as a test pilot, both in the simulator
as with the engineers. For me it will be different next year.
I’m going to try to do my job, but Jenson
and I’ll help you to Stoffel as much as we can, because he will be the
man of the future

For its part, Stoffel Vandoorne feel excited by the opportunity that has been presented and states that it is very possible that McLaren have the best trio of pilots of Formula 1.
this is a unique structure, probably the best of the
grill. We have two Champions
the World
with Jenson and Fernando, and myself, a very young and aspiring pilot
going to try to push the team forward as
quickly as possible