Alonso will decide his future in F1 after analyzing the changes of 2017


Fernando Alonso not
he hides it and, before the press moved to Montreal, he returned to
to insist that the current Formula 1 is not attractive for the drivers
by the concept of competition that is existing
, in which the
conservation of tires and fuel prevents the
drivers to unleash the full potential of the cars in each turn.

“Having to drive keeping things going against your instinct

that’s why, Alonso
it is confident that the regulatory changes in the coming year
return a portion of that essence that, according to the Spanish, it has been
. His contract expires at the end of 2017 and will be in that moment
when you think about your future in the category. “The next year,
around the summer, I will think that I do, so that in the next
twelve months I will not speak of it. We’ll see what happens, end
contract next year and there are many changes on the way: in the
, in tires or in the performance of the car, which
will the F1 again attractive to ride, now that is a little
frustrating, having to drive saving things, something that goes against
your instinct. I will decide what I do, probably, after the
. I hope to follow for many years and I wish I could win that third
, said Fernando Alonso, on the other hand, since
he was about to participate in the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 2015, but
incompatabilidades contract is impossible. Recently, in
an interview, admitted that his desire is to complete in the future the triple crown, by adding at the Monaco Grand Prix the 500 Miles of
Indianapolis and the already mentioned 24 Hours of Le Mans.

McLaren is the future

In regards to your present in the Formula 1 with McLaren,
Alonso is still convinced of having chosen the right place to
get a new title, and the revolution of the next season
it is a golden opportunity. “it is Not unlikely that we are
fighting for the championship the next year, the change of rules opens
a possibility for everyone and we have a good chance
to regain ground
. I think we have a few months now for
improve the motor and it is important to recover the power that
us lack. We are doing many things this year that we are going to
do be more competitive”
, making it clear that McLaren
and Honda are using this season as a preparation for 2017.

“I Came to win to Mercedes and I see that it is the correct site”

Mercedes is the team to beat -even though Red Bull seem to want to
threaten this position in the medium term – and Alonso believes that it is McLaren
the right place to get it. “For the next year is
all very open, I am not pessimistic, there is nothing that I tell you not to
we can be in that fight, everything is possible. we Want to beat
Mercedes, that is my main objective and that’s why I decided to come here,
I’m in the right place
and I hope also at the right time.
I made a decision a year ago and a half or two to try to win
Mercedes and I see that you have been successful”
, I conclude the Spanish