Alonso will fight for the pole position: “it Is a great opportunity and I’m going to try to take advantage of it”


Fernando Alonso continues to surprise the world and has already secured a fight for the pole position in the Fast 9 on the Sunday after getting the seventh best time of the first phase of classification in a hilly day on Saturday.

the intense rain that forced them to reduce the training and classification to a single attempt for each pilot, is joined by the chilling accident of Sebastien Bourdais that stopped the session for several minutes.

But none of that prevented him from Fernando Alonso shine on the oval with us, getting the seventh-best average final with a record of 230.034 mph. For Spanish, the day has been “short and intense. It is a great opportunity for me and I’m going to try to take advantage of. I’m not entirely happy because I have not reached the speed that could be reached. But we had luck and the important thing is to be among the first nine on Sunday”, said Alonso after getting off the car.

We are at 90% and my aspiration is to be the best possible.

The rain and the wind meant that the track was slower and more slippery, so that all the pilots had to adapt on the fly. Fernando Alonso not surprised, since it believes in an oval as fast the conditions change constantly and we must adapt at every turn. “All the days change. This circuit is a place where no two laps the same. With winds and rebufos different at every turn you’re forced to improvise. However, the positive thing is that the car is going very well and that gives me confidence for what is coming. We are at 90% and my aspiration is to be the best possible”, said Fernando Alonso came to have the third-best record.

the change of The program due to the weather conditions led to the sabbath to be a lot more stressful than normal. Fernando Alonso failed to get out to the track in the free practice and the first phase of the classification are not held, so that classification were the only turns that gave throughout the day. “I have Not had nerves, but it has been a stressful day, because in the morning you have the intention to make two or three attempts, you get the chrono and adjust some things in the spoiler and suddenly it rains, it delayed the time and tell you that you only have one attempt and in that attempt you have to do the best possible and the car has to be perfect. But it was good and I’m happy”.


Andretti Autosport and the team of advisers of Fernando Alonso led by Gil de Ferran will show surprised by the performance of the Spanish, although he recognizes to be something more self-deprecating about himself. “Every time I come to pit me congratulate them and show pretty excited. I sometimes I come with a feel good, others less good, but they are usually pleasantly surprised”.

it Is a nice surprise, two weeks ago, I knew not how it was the car, or how was the circuit, nor how it was going to be the race itself.

The learning curve has certainly been amazing in just 18 days, that have elapsed since his test last may 3. Even Fernando Alonso seems surprised by what has been achieved in so little time. “It’s a nice surprise, two weeks ago, I knew not how it was the car, or how was the circuit, nor how it was going to be the race itself. So fight for be among the first nine, that would be like the Q3 here, it is a good surprise”.

In any case, the most complicated thing will come in the race, when the inexperience of Fernando Alonso will come to the fore and it will be more difficult to highlight. But before that, what remains is to complete the Fast 9 and, for that, Fernando Alonso expected to improve the behaviour of the car, that today was a bit unstable after betting the Spanish go out on track without the aletines side of the rear wing to gain top-end speed. “see to tomorrow what we can do to improve the instability of the back train in any way”, commented finally the pilot of McLaren-Honda-Andretti.