Alonso will last at Silverstone because of the Honda engine


The spaniard has placed his MCL32 within the top ten in both sessions of free, a result that shows a slight improvement with respect to previous runs. The slightest failure would leave the boys from Woking out of the Q3 by classification, as the positions are given points on Sunday are very coveted by several teams, separated by a few thousandths, and Alonso and Stoffel Vandoorne have to complete a perfect lap to try to have an option.

We are still between the eighth and the twelfth

Fernando Alonso told today with the third specification of the propellant introduced into the Grand Prix of Austria, although the MGU-H will lead to a penalty, as it needs new batteries. “We hold the trend of the last five or six races, being between the eighth and the twelfth. Tomorrow I don’t think that’s going to be very different, when all we put the engine to stop, as we lose a little bit and we’ll see where we can put”. The speech is virtually identical to the one he gave at the Red Bull Ring, where he said that, depending on the circuit in question, would be better or worse, but that the most you can get is an eighth or ninth square, at least for now. “The most important have been tests that we have done for the Sunday and the batches, that we need to serve to have a better race pace”, explained the #14.

chassis the car of McLaren seems to work quite well this year, or at least that is what he said to Alonso in the last Major Awards, while the power unit is evolving to harsh penalties. The lot of fast corners available to the Silverstone track to help the team british in the lap time, but will put all the meat on the grill for the GP of Hungary, in which have placed more hopes than ever.

“The biggest problem we have here is the level of load you want to put”, said the Spanish rider. “Depending on the power you have, you can put more wing in the curves and on the straights you defend. However, if you have little power, and you want to go normal on the straights, you have to put the wing smaller than you”. The power unit of the japanese supplied Honda is in short supply in top speed, so they will have even more difficulties in this regard. “it Is difficult to assess. We know the chassis that we have and we should not put it to the test on any track in particular”.

The japanese mounted a completely new engine for tomorrow, which will rise to 30 the positions of sanction that lastrarán to Alonso in the race, 25 in addition to the five today. The champion will have to to exit from the bottom of the grill, as happened with both cars of the team at the Grand Prix of Azerbaijan.

Finally, the McLaren confesses “a supporter of the ‘shield’”, since “this is testing”. The meeting that will be maintained between all the pilots to discuss the different opinions that has been awakened in this safety element will be important for your future, although it will be the FIA that ends up deciding ultimately what to do with the contraption.