Alonso would have complained at Red Bull, according to Marko

Marko junto a MateschitzHelmut Marko, the adviser of Red Bull, ensures that si sign on to a pilot as Fernando Alonso would have complained of the poor performance that has taken the team this 2015. For that reason ensures that you choose a young pilot as Daniil Kvyat is a better option. The Russian pilot what went wrong in order to adapt to the new car, but finally got it and threw in the towel as it would have done some other driver like Fernando.

Helmut Marko must not be very aware of the season of McLaren-Honda, since that has been rather worse than that of Red Bull and Fernando Alonso appears to have been taken this year in a calm way, with humor in some GPs and, at least in the face to the press, pretty sure the choice of equipment. In addition, Fernando Alonso has not thrown in the towel despite the huge performance and reliability problems that it has had the Honda engine, much worse than the Renault.

Kvyat Red Bull Japón 2015Helmut Marko also think that the manufacturers have conspired against Red Bull. “it Is true, ‘cartel’ is the correct word. Unfortunately I realized the situation at the end, when it was too late“. I would not talk of a conspiracy against Red Bull, but of fear. Ferrari and Mercedes or even Honda have not supplied their engines for fear that it will be overcome by the team not official. And continues to Marko with his speech:

at The beginning of the season, Kvyat will incomodaban technical problems, something that many were confused and said that they were his problems. […] Obviously when you have Vettel, you are perfectly aware of their quality and their performance, which is always high and consistent. We knew that Renault is not going to be able to give us a unit of reliable power and competitive at the beginning so it was better to have a young driver that does not pull the towel with all the technical difficulties, which at the beginning were great. Let’s say that if metiéramos to a pilot, as Fernando Alonso, probably would complain all the time.“.