Alpina B5 2017: a first look at the alternative of Alpina the BMW M5

Alpina B5 2017 - foto espía frontal

The Alpina B5 2017 already out for a walk without fear of being photographed.

To date we had only managed to hunt during a test session at the new Alpina B5 Touring 2017. With the new generation of the BMW 5 Series, 2017 as revealed, the guys of Alpina Automobiles are still finalizing the stages of development of their respective proposals for both the saloon and German as well as for its variant of the more familiar. And speaking of the saloon, finally, and after several months of waiting, finally our photographers have managed to get your hands new Alpina B5 2017.

this Is the first time that we can take a look at the proposal of Alpina on the BMW 5-Series with body-saloon. Positioned as an interesting alternative to the BMW M5 (which have recently been leaked new details, the new Alpina B5 differentiate it from the Series 5 from which emanates thanks to a body kit, and specific details such as wheels that leave the view of the new brake calipers.

in Addition, if we look closely, we realize that the camo that they are using the engineers are focused, practically, in front and behind. Although both sides are still well-camouflaged. If we look at the back of the unit hunted, we see four exhaust outlets located at a position tosca that did not correspond to what we will see in the production model. You will have the four exhaust outlets but very well integrated with the design.

Alpina B5 2017 - foto espía posterior

these Are the first spy pictures of the new Alpina B5 with body saloon.

¿What can we expect from the engine of the Alpina B5 2017? As we talk about, it will be an option to consider if you do not want to opt for a BMW M5. Despite this, and although it is not a vehicle under the seal of BMW M, its mechanics will be to the height. It will be powered by a – engine V8 4.4-liter BiTurbo modified to reach an approximate figure of 600 HP. Said block is connected to a automatic gearbox revised for the occasion.

And while we’re on the M5, if we seek a comparison with the new Alpina B5, the model of BMW M will make use also of that V8 engine of 4.4-liter BiTurbo used by the current generation but will also be reviewed to arrive at the border of 600 HORSEPOWER. Which of the two will have more power? it Will be a battle of the titans which, at present, has won the model of BMW M.

¿When will be presented? In the first place we must start from the base that at the moment, and how very recent it has only been unveiled the BMW 5 Series, 2017 with your body type saloon. Therefore, and if Alpina don’t want to wait to do a simultaneous launch of two models of different bodies, we must be clear that first hit the market, the Alpina B5.

Alpina B5 2017 - foto espía lateral

The new Alpina B5 2017 will be as an alternative to the BMW M5.

however, both prototypes were hunted to date, is still
very camouflaged, and the process of development has not yet entered into your straight
end. Therefore, the data indicate a set of long from the first quarter of next
year 2017
charge a lot of force. An ideal setting for your debut would be the
Geneva motor show, although for the time being is to speculate so
we will have to keep waiting.