Alpina shows the first teaser of its upcoming sports sedan diesel


First teaser of Alpina D5 S

All, or the vast majority of brands have a coach that is in charge of making the delights of another type of customers, on the basis of the models of the largest brand, so to call it. In Mercedes have to Brabus, Audi have to ABT and in BMW have to Alpine.

50 years of union, each time more close, does that these expert coaches provide the client with a offer more faithful to what these demand. BMW but with exclusive details in addition to a potentiation extra. Now in Alpine get back to work on a particular model and now the preparer shown us this teaser.

this Is the new Alpina D5 S, a saloon diesel with sporting ambitions, based on the current Series 5, concretely in BMW 530d xdrive. This new preparation there is the option to equip them both on the variant saloon as in the Touring.


The teaser focuses on showing us the speed of the car

In this new version of the Series 5, it will involve a reinterpretation of the engine 3.0-litre diesel BMW that in the model of the “normal” delivers a power of 265 HP, ascending this figure up to 388 HP after passing through the hands of Alpine. The pair has also promoted brutally, delivering a maximum force of 800 NM. Nothing wrong.

As was expected its features have also improved considerably, now coming up to a maximum speed of 286 Km/h for the sedan and 283 km/h for the variant family. In addition, Alpina has improved the system xDrive BMW, exerting specific distribution of pair in order to guarantee you maximum traction at all times.

In terms of equipment incorporates a range of extra equipment in addition to that already incorporates its base model of series. Part of this, a new tires forged 20-inch, sport suspension with dynamic control of the shock absorber, seat comfort and browser ConnectedDrive.


Preparation for Alpine on BMW engine

Alpine has not been pronounced yet in giving an exact date for your presentation, imagine in the Frankfurt Auto show we can appreciate with all luxury of details of this sedan with character. orders can be placed from as same, getting in touch with the official distributor of Alpine in Spain.