Alpina values ​​and working with hybrid sports versions

Alpina has accustomed us to let us interesting alternatives to BMW M vestibules of M3, the M5, other approaches, such as diesel and alternative sports now seems qu and in Alpina are prepared to give us sport variants derived from hybrid models BMW .

During the 50th anniversary of Alpina Andy Bovensiepen , the CEO company, has pointed out that with the rapid advancement of hybrid technology ever seen more interesting this technology in the company.

Bovensiepen noted that for Alpina be actively involved with this technology it is necessary BMW provide a good technical base, but also Alpina also stresses the need to accompany these sales versions to walk a model signed by them.

We must remember that the last facelift BMW Series 3 The German company has presented us BMW 330e with a plug-in hybrid mechanics 252 horses no doubt that this alternative could well be that technical base and the height, that good base, claiming Alpina.

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