Alpine AS2, format SUV for 2018


Alpine AS2 2018, recreation of the future SUV (expand)

Currently, the project is known as AS2, and will have some measures similar to those of a Porsche Macan. We could say another model but the eye of Renault has been put in this German mark for several reasons: first, by the mechanical characteristics of the Macan, due to its size and because it considers Porsche its main rival in the market.

Alpine AS2, the project SUV brand

In the second place and in the land of the SUV, because Renault has been considered that Porsche managed to make a gap between other manufacturers with the Cayenne, starting with the house by the roof, and the French house wants to do the same but starting from the foundations. Different strategy but the same goal.

In this way, Renault believes that it can reach a larger number of customers and thus strengthen a brand that has just come back on the market with a type of model that, now, and for a few years, it is and will be the star among customers.


Mercedes lease a V6 engine for the SUV of Alpine

Engines of Renault Sport and Mercedes-Benz

With a own design of Alpine, and a four-passenger interior, the future SUV of Alpine will be offered in several versions mechanical and here too there are surprises: the options that are less powerful and that will be shared with the A120 will be thrusters developed by Renault Sport, while the most powerful will be… oh, Mercedes! Yes, you read that right, but I can’t imagine a block of AMG because that is ruled out and confirmed that it will not happen.

The German brand will cede the use of a block V6 for this model, as Renault considered the name Alpine is played a lot on this second bet.

Go all out with this model, which would be the highest volume of sales surpassing those of the A120, but without going into the cost of developing a specific block for this SUV that will be priced, according to versions, between 50,000 and 100,000 euros. later on we will continue to reveal some details of the model, look!


Alpine AS2 what we’ll see in Paris?

As you have explained, Renault will present a new concept at the Paris motor show. It is a concept in sports; that’s all we know until now, a fact confirmed by the head of design of Renault, Laurens van den Acker.

As the DeZir presented at the Paris Salon six years ago, this prototype aims to captivate the customer by the emotions that transmit your design, a new way of falling in love, but with a nuance and it will not be a revolution in terms of design as did the concept of 2010, which has been reflected in all the new range of Renault models that are currently sold

therefore, we have to ask ourselves: will it be a sporty type coupe or an SUV with a coupe styling? it Is a fact that we do not know but we can tell you three things: one, that although the DeZir was not taken to production, the majority of concepts of Laurens van den Acker have been translated in production cars; two, that may well be a future model of Renault (even if the mark of a rhombus suppressed the Laguna Coupe) and the most important, the second model of Alpine, the brand of sports Renault, will be an SUV, as you have explained throughout this article.


Alpine AS2: The interior will be 100% Alpine