Alpine celebrates its fifty years stronger than ever

Alpina Logo

For those not in the know Alpine Burkard Bovensiepen Gmbh, is a German car manufacturer. This brand was founded in the year 1965 in the city of Buchloe, in the German district of ostallgäu do. However unlike other manufacturers it has not been dedicated to the manufacture of cars completely designed by them, but that work hand-in-hand with BMW to offer customers one more point of exclusivity to which vehicles made the house of the helix.

This hallmark has made many the qualify as a signature tuning, however there are two other elements that move away from this world. The first is that the cars manufactured are equipped with a chassis itself, in which being identified as a car manufacturer, and second because provides models of BMW a status superior already have. All this work is done in an exquisite way so that without losing the essence on which they leave their models can fall in the simple preparation.

Alpina Serie 6 y 7

Alpina fulfilled last year, its first fifty years of life, and as a celebration has decided to to expand their operations for more markets. To give life to this new strategy the firm will be new preparations on the new 7-Series giving it its own point of view. These models will be characterized by an increase of power, better dynamic performance and a quality finish even higher than that provided by BMW.

Another of the sections that will support to carry out this international expansion will be in your footprint sports. Alpine has large victories in competitions automobile as it reached the win the German championship of passenger cars from the years 1970, 1973, and 1977. In addition, with their cars in many of the great pilots that has given the world of the engine, Lauda, between them, have taken part in races conducted in emblematic places such as the Nordschleife.

Source – Alpine