Alpine Celebration Concept: Renault’s weapon to beat the Alfa Romeo 4C


Alpine-Celebration-Concept-3 E n accordance with the sixtieth anniversary of Alpine Renault made in the course of 24 Hours of Le Mans to Alpine Celebration Concept. This is a prototype that anticipates the future forms of compact sports Alpine and at the same time a tribute becomes [1.99901 million] for 60 years of the legendary brand.

2016 will mark the revival of Alpine with a production model.

This new sports hit the market next year and will be based on a lightweight architecture with a scheme that combines [1.99901 million] propeller located in the central-rear position RWD. When he began to develop the return of Alpine, Renault had partnered with [1.99901 million] Caterham and although the home of the diamond sold off its stake in the British brand, part of that joint technology development ended in what is now known as Celebration Concept and will be at dealerships of the brand from next year.

Born as a rival who will be playing beat Alfa Romeo 4C and [1.99901 million] Porsche Cayman , this new product will also try to restore the splendor of a brand with over 20 years of absence in the market. Aesthetically has nods to historical brand products, with a front where the famous are four headlights look Alpine , but with a very modern design package.


The prototype has several aesthetic to classic Alpine winks.

Although in terms of design has nothing to do with the Alpine A110-50 Concept unveiled in 2012, which was a kind of modern interpretation of [1.99901 million] A110 1960s, The Celebration borrows center trim on the hood which characterized that model.

To the sides are observed steps bulging wheel well, especially the rear, well filled with alloy wheels large.

The posterior has a glass formats the collapse of the roof and ends discreet spoiler . It comes complete with a diffuser that gives accommodation to leaks located one on each side and a thin and sharp headlights good format.

For the cabin we must continue to wait, as the press release says nothing, or display an image. Nor they have spread information about what their mechanics, although rumors indicate that the new Alpine could use a 4 cylinder-block 2.0-liter borrowed from Megane RS, with a power to be located around 300 horsepower associated with an automatic transmission with double clutch.



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