Alpine could get their engines from Mercedes-AMG

Alpine could use the engines AMG to give life to some of their models. In the plans of the brand include a coupe based on the Vision Concept, a SUV and probably a convertible and a hatchback.

Alpine-Vision-2Renault is preparing to launch to the market the first vehicle of the brand Alpine. According to what this week says the british publication AutoExpress, the French company could turn to Mercedes-AMG to motorize the new Alpine.

although for the moment the information is scant, it is true that Renault it has an agreement with Daimler through the Renault-Nissan alliance, which facilitates the sharing of platforms and transmissions. Bruno Pinning, executive vice president of product planning and Renault insinĂșo engines that AMG would be a possible solution to give life to the new models of Alpine.

Pinning assured that they have two alternatives: either take a motor that is available within the Partnership, and produce it to get a enhanced performance, or choose to acquire a motor on the market and due to the cooperation with Daimler, it would not be unreasonable to think in a propeller signed by AMG.

it Is expected that Renault put on the market the production version of the prototype Alpine Vision towards the end of 2016, which will be added some more models during the next few years. Probably, the first production model of Alpine use a gasoline engine turbo four-cylinder, while the larger cars will could use units of six-cylinder.

although there is still no accurate information about which will be the future models of Alpine, it is known that among his plans to figure an SUV and Pinning asserts that in addition to the Coupe there will be a convertible and possibly a hatchback.