Already circulating to 25,000 Lexus hybrids for Spain

technology has allowed, over the years, to get a clear progress in the vast majority of issues that surround our day-to-day and, what is better, almost without us noticing. With the mobility is happening something similar. The vehicles have had a great evolution and each time they are cleaner and more efficient, yielding much more and need much less fuel than before. Now, electric and hybrid cars are our bread of each day.

Lexus, the premium brand of Toyota, is one of the signatures of cars that are more bet by hybridization, having completely forgotten about the thrusters diesel. The first hybrid of the japanese firm came in 2004 and was the Lexus RX 400h, which little by little have been adding many more models and versions that combine a thermal engine with an electrical system for propulsion. At present, Lexus has nine hybrid models in your offer.

Prueba Lexus NX 300h F Sport Precios

The mark is in luck, because they tell us that, in the 12 years they have been selling cars hybrids, have already been more to 100,000 people who have driven a Lexus hybrid in our country. In total, these 100,000 people have crossed nothing less than 2,000 million kilometers which is the equivalent of some 157,000 laps of the planet Earth; it is said fast. Lexus adds that there are currently 25,000 units hybrid circulating in Spain.

Virtually all of the cars that sold the premium brand of Toyota in our country are hybrids. In addition, and according to the own car firm, the 25,000 hybrids marketed in these 12 years represent 90 % of the sales of efficient (electric, hybrid and plug-in hybrids) premium in Spain. Remember that Lexus is a brand that is very young, as was born in 1989, which still gives you more merit to all of these data and to count with his nine-in hybrid cars.