Already sold 700.000 Ford Ranger in South America

Ford celebrates in these days have surpassed the milestone of 700,000 units in South America for your product Ranger, after 22 years in that market. Its launch took place in Brazil in the year 1994.

Ford-RangerLto pickup the Ford Ranger has gone gaining momentum in South America, where its sales have been achieved to overcome the 700,000 units. Although their arrival took place in Brazil in the year 1994, initially imported from the united States, after years began to be produced in Argentina.

while last year, Ford overhauled the Ranger, these amendments have not yet been introduced to the market, although the next month will begin marketing initially in Argentina and shortly after in the rest of the region. It is true that at present its competitors more direct the better in some markets, but with the arrival of its upgrade it is expected that the level of sales to achieve rebound, such as occurred in the countries in which your marketing has already been started.

was Recently chosen as the “Pickup of the year” in the southeast asia and “Best Buy” in south Africa, a market in which helped Ford achieve a record in terms of market share.

restyling the pickup Ford Ranger is within the investment plan announced by Ford last year to the plant argentina to the town of Pacheco in the Province of Buenos Aires, for the renewal of the models produced locally.