Already we have the first official image of the new Seat Arona

Seat Arona teaser oficial

The SUV segment continues to grow and grow, and the brands, of course, does not stop to expand and improve their product offerings all the way. Practically there is no car brand that has taken the contrary to the demand of the public and not marketed any SUV. Seat was one of the last to jump on the bandwagon. What did you do with the Seat Ateca and the results are being very positive.

The case is that the trendy SUV has given rise to new segments, such as the SUV urban. Several months ago the lord Luca de Meo announced the arrival of a new whole way of small dimensions and lower the Seat Ateca. Like the Ateca takes the base of the Seat León, the Seat Arona, who is as it will be called the next SUV in Martorell, will use the base of the new Ibiza of the fifth generation. Today we see the first teaser of the future Seat Arona.

Seat Arona Teaser modificado

Despite the fact that it is simply a teaser and that the first image of the Seat Arona (the original offered by the brand) can not see many details, if we modify slightly the image with a simple computer program, as we have done with the second image, we can already appreciate some of the details of design. To start with, in the front, we see many similarities with the new Seat Ibiza, something that was to be expected.

main grille seems to dress with edges with chrome, while their dimensions are not very large. The day lighting LED headlamp main features the triangular shape that we can see, identical to the Ibiza. Meanwhile, in the bumper left to see some forms more robust, bulky, and straight, which will probably come from the protections lower. Along the side we can see some tires, allegedly, five radios. In the upper part of the Seat Arona see the roof bars.

The tweet you see just above, where it has released this teaser image, it says that the Seat Arona will on sale in November. Don’t know if this date will be for the whole of Europe or if in Spain you can enjoy a few months before. Be that as it may, each time we are closer to knowing the new and first SUV-B of the Spanish brand.