Alsa purchase Respite and landed in the mobility shared

Alsa inicios mobility as we knew it until today will change completely in a matter of a few years. This is happening with Uber and other companies dedicated to the mobility shared. In Spain the most well-known is that we Ca2go although we will soon have more options to move from one place to another by using the car sharing or mobility shared.

In Spain we have a great tradition of companies devoted to the transportation of people. The Group Alsa S. L. U. is a Spanish multinational company created in Asturias in 1916 and originally called Cars Luarca SA Currently its headquarters is located in Madrid and is dedicated to the transport of people, not only in Spain but in many countries of the world.

AlsaTo continue being one of the main companies devoted to the transportation of people Alsa has decided to enter fully in the business of the mobility shared. The future of this type of mobility is more than assured as the new generations do not see the car as an element necessary to scroll, and only considered necessary when they have to travel long distance.

The way it has used Alsa to enter into this business is simple. For the occasion has acquired a participation minority group, dedicated to mobility shared, called Respite. This company has spread Madrid about ninety points where you rent by the hour cars. These points are located in strategic locations including stations train and bus.

This collaboration will offer advantages special to the customers of both companies. Thanks to this, users of Alsa can rent by the hour vehicles Respite in economic terms more advantageous. In addition, this action also can enjoy the users of the cars Respite in the same conditions.

For this reason the beginning of this association, one can infer very beneficial for both companies as it allows them to be placed in new segments market quickly and without a large investment.

Source – Alsa