Although it may seem so, this Volkswagen Scirocco is not a competition

Volkswagen Scirocco TuningIf the preparation of the luxurious Bentley SUV Bentayga that you have offered just a few hours has seemed very striking, and is carried out on the Volkswagen Scirocco not leave you indifferent, much less. The preparation in itself has been conducted in Hong Kong by the company of preparations external Aspec, which has given a much more racing to the German model.

And is that if something has shown us this workshop modifications to chinese is that it is not necessary to take a completely new model, and newly come on the market to draw attention and give the image more personal. As we always say, may or may not like, as you may or may not be of our liking any model of any brand. But let’s see what offers us the preparation in question.

As we said at the beginning, it seems that Aspec has been inspired in the competition, having caught ideas of world racing, specifically the Rally (or perhaps the Need for Speed), and has been integrated into each and every one of the corners of the Volkswagen Scirocco.

Volkswagen Scirocco TuningIn the front see a bonnet that has little or nothing to do with that brings the series model, counting with two large openings semicircular to evacuate the temperature of the engine bay. The small calender has also been replaced by a fine grid, although it is in the background, watching the prominent front bumper. Account with a few forms very, very sharp and huge air intakes in both the central zone and in the corners. In its lower part there is a lip large centimeters in width.

On the side of this Volkswagen Scirocco we find a marking kit de ensanche in which the steps of wheels have been very oversized, appearing also a huge heel with an eye catching design. tires, as could not be otherwise, are of large dimensions.

If the front and the side of the coupe German modified by the workshop of Hong Kong has seemed far-fetched, I recommend you take a look with us at the back. We said that the front might seem a rally car, but also to a game console, however, is behind the part that takes the cake in this regard.

Volkswagen Scirocco TuningThe back of this Volkswagen Scirocco may seem like a “Kit Car. In the upper part of the body is hosting a huge spoiler, of similar proportions to the one used by passenger cars seeking to crown the Pikes Peak. The lower part becomes to use a huge and aggressive bumper with air outlets prominent, was a marked diffuser and four exhaust outlets of large diameter, placing two in each corner.

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