Although it may seem this interior is from a Skoda Fabia and it has done Carlex Design

Skoda Fabia interior Carlex Skoda Fabia is a utility with an interior quite spacious and with good presence. Although as a vehicle for generalist and with a adjusted price can’t offer a high quality in your passenger compartment. This has changed thanks to Carlex Design, a Polish company dedicated to the preparation of interior. His latest work has led to a new level of luxury the practical interior of the Fabia and the result is quite stunning.

Typically the creations of Carlex can be seen in models premium some brands such as BMW, Mercedes, Audi, and even Rolls-Royce. But after a special request from a client, the Skoda Fabia is dressed in their best attire. That includes black leather high quality with red accents throughout its interior, including seats, dashboard, door panels or steering wheel. The trim Piano Black is the same that comes standard.

Skoda Fabia interior CarlexAs a detail, on the seats and it appears the word “Birdman”, in addition to having an attractive form and collect the body more than in the series. Gift, the Polish company includes a bag to game, with the same materials and theme as the interior of the Fabia. Not yet said the official data, but taking into account the caliber of this preparation, its value could even to overcome the total price of the of the car.

The truth is that does not have much logic call to Carlex to make this type of transformation in a Fabia and end up paying more than what was the cost of the car. It would have been more sensible to buy a vehicle of high range and not have to pay that extra money. But the world of luxury a lot of times does not understand the reasons and so comes this peculiar creation. At least it will take the title of the Fabia more luxurious of the world.

Skoda Fabia interior CarlexSource – Carlex Design

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