Altran and Land Rover are preparing a software platform for smart vehicles


The concept of coach connected determines that a vehicle will be constantly synchronized a repository of data stored in the cloud. In addition, the software that supports the vehicle’s electronics will use this same medium to be updated.

The consulting firm of engineering and technology Altran is developing a free software platform to improve and to have up-to-date electronics of the vehicles, which, being more complex, will need constant revision. This development will not be alone, because Jaguar Land Rover also intervene in the development of this promising platform.

With this platform, developers of software-oriented vehicles may add improvements see convenient and new features vehicles, which are increasingly demanded in terms of functionality connectivity, systems driving assistance and transmission of data refers.

Furthermore, not only private vehicles can make use of this platform but will also be able to take advantage of the same other means of transport as the railways or other sectors, such as industrial engineering, and aerospace as well as its application in the medical sector.