Alvis re-market the vehicles that discontinued 50 years ago

Alvis returns to life many decades later.

Alvis was a brand that ceased production of automobiles in 1968, however, as many british trademarks of the first half of the TWENTIETH century, the manufacture of automobiles was just one part of the business. Founded in 1919, in addition to vehicles and street racing, Alvis manufactured aircraft engines and armored vehicles of various types.

In the sixties, Alvis became part of the Rover and in the eighties it was again sold, in the nineties, took control of the truck manufacturer Universal Power Drives and with the manufacturer of armoured vehicle GKN plc, and at the beginning of the TWENTY-first century, it acquired Vickers Defence Systems to form Alvis Vickers, which was purchased in 2004 by BAE Systems, leaving then use the brand Alvis and their familiar triangular logo.

This caused both the brand and your emblem will remain free for a new initiative to build vehicles, in the form of a series continuation of the classic models of the firm and under the name of The Alvis Car Company.

Alvis Graber Super Cabriolet.

These are vintage sports manufactured with certain modern elements, such as injection engines, independent suspension or disc brakes on all four wheels. However, the rest is manufactured as they were marketed in their day.

Interestingly, when he decided to revive the production of these vehicles, they were in their factory original a good number of items and tooling original, so that has been something simpler than it might seem. In principle, the range will comprise five models, two of them belonging to his last period, Graber and Park-Ward, while the other three are belonging to the first half of the TWENTIETH century.

The engines are also the original, two blocks of six cylinders are available, 3.0 and 4.3 liters of displacement and injection system. The racks are galvanized steel and the panels of the bodywork are made of aluminum.

Alvis Vanden Plas Tourer.

These models following can be considered as the original,
not replicas, since it is made with materials, tools and
original plans. Is more, when the project was initiated, between the
staff of the company was someone who belonged to the era in
that still made cars
, so that the task of training the new
equipment operators appealed to this individual.