AM-RB 001: 0 to 320 and back to 0 km/h in only 15 seconds

Aston Martin Red Bull AM-RB 001At the beginning of this decade, the best team and best car of the Formula 1 was, without a doubt, the Red Bull. Red Bull swept both titles of constructors as drivers, from 2010 to 2013, with Sebastian Vettel. That is, until a profound remodelling of the rules left out of the game to Red Bull and Mercedes ran as the computer more pointer of the grill.

With some that have followed the “Great Circus”, you will sound the name of Adrian Newey, one of the most important parts of Red Bull and right-hand side of Vettel during its passage through the team of the energy drink. Newey is one of the fundamental pillars of the AM-RB 001, a hiperdeportivo radical that they are building between Red Bull and the car brand british Aston Martin, hence the name (AM-RB).

Aston Martin Red Bull AM-RB 001we have Already seen pictures of this beast mechanics of that, as it seems, build 175 units, although 25 of them will not be suitable for driving in traffic open. Your price will not be available to anyone, since is estimated near 3 million dollars. It may seem an outrageous price, but seeing it leaves no doubt of the enormous work of engineering that takes after him. Pesa 1,000 kilos, with a powerplant hybrid of a 1000 hp and your body is designed exclusively to keep you hit the floor thanks to a slick (and suspensions) is active.

Adrian Newey conceded a few days ago an interview with The World Street Journal, in which he spoke of the AM-RB 001. Newey cited a couple of key points that make us see the potential of the hipercoche that they are developing. Among other things commented that the AM-RB 001 would be able to pass 0 to 320 km/h in about 10 seconds, being able to stop it at that speed in just 5 seconds. This means that, in just 15 seconds can go from 0 to 320 and back to 0 km/h. If true, this data will become the production vehicle that less takes to perform this acceleration-deceleration, and leaving far away to their rivals.

Aston Martin Red Bull AM-RB 001, 25 units intended exclusively for use in a circuit are even more beasts. Have a place to point even more dynamic in terms of the chassis and bodywork offers a slick spectacular able to deliver forces of up to 4G. According to statements by the development team of the AM-RB 001, this car circuit would be able to roll in a little less than 2 minutes in the circuit belgium Spa-Francorchamps. Its distance is 7 kilometers and 4 meters, and the record in track with the current layout is 1:47 at the controls, precisely, Sebastian Vettel and the F1 Red Bull in the Grand Prize of 2009. If this statement is true, the potential of the supercar is just beastly.

deliveries of the first units are planned for the 2019. Leaving aside the high cost of marketing this vehicle, it will not be an easy task to get any unit. Will be only 175 units in total, and assured that the demand on the part of millionaires who are lovers of the mechanical parts of the collection already exceeds significantly the production. We surely have no choice but to wait to see him in a video running at the limit on some mythical path as he smashes the clock.

Source – The World Street Journal