AM-RB 001, the hiperdeportivo definitive Aston Martin will have a V12 maximum power of 1000 HP

The Holy Trinity of the hiperdeportivos is composed by Ferrari LaFerrari, McLaren P1 and Porsche 918 Spyder. But all of them have already stopped producing, and are the Bugatti Chiron and Koenigsegg Regera which are currently the cat to the water. It could all change next year, when Aston Martin will unveil its new AM-RB 001. On a trackday exclusively for owners of a Vulcan, the british manufacturer would have released several pearls of information that we cannot ignore. As the fact that fitting a V12 maximum power of 1,000 HP.

This hiperdeportivo street could be likened to the Red Bull X1, designed by Adrian Newey for the saga Gran Turismo.

The project of Aston Martin and Red Bull Racing is not new, in fact it was already announced in march. But we were unaware of the scope of the same and any technical detail about it. The filtration has been originated in Jalopnik, which collect in your article of the information filtered by one of the attendees said track-day. In the first place, the production will be limited to 99 units, which will be sold at a price of about 3 million euros. Nothing that you can not allow the owners of a Vulcan, which probably also have booked already their DB11.

am-rb-001-teaser-1The car will weigh in at only 1.050 kg, and will be a strict two-seater. Don’t think a coupe traditional or a supercar mid-engine as a LaFerrari. Everything seems to indicate that his two passengers will travel in tandem, one behind the other, as if from a Renault Twizy is involved. The V12 engine will be in a central position-longitudinal, and the filtration speak of an engine of 7.0 liters. It is unknown if it is derived from the V12 of the Aston Martin One-77 or the current V12 biturbo engine of the new Aston Martin DB11. Be that as it may, it will be atmospheric.

Your engine called internally “Nebula”, and it promises to be one of the air most powerful ever created.

Will be atmospheric and will be able to spin to 10,000 rpm to achieve a maximum power of 1,000 HP. I have been of stone to read this figure, makes this future Aston Martin AM-RB 001 the league of the Ferrari FXX-K or FXX Evoluzione. Without contrivance, without hybridization and without supercharging. Why two seats in tandem? Because it will be for all purposes a competition car, for legal use on the road. You will have a multitude of “negative spaces”, the gaps between axles, wheels, brakes and suspensions.

aston-martin-vulcan-01Think of a Caparo T1 or a Caterham with its cockpit fairing, and much more radical. Aerodynamics will play a key role in its construction, with a flat bottom and several tunnels venturi type, completely invisible from the outside. It will be a car high-downforce, but with scarce hardware exterior. In its front there will be the classic calender of Aston Martin and two exhaust side twins. The car would have been presented in the characteristic color British Racing Green.

The téaser officer presides over this article, and only shows a car very similar to those streamliners for record of the late 30’s. What is very clear is that to purchase a unit there will be clear requirements as possibly being the owner of a Vulcan, a One-77 or having already several Aston Martin at property. The Aston Martin AM-RB 001 leave no one indifferent, and if the “prophecies” are true, it could give a lot to talk about in the next few years. Gentlemen, stay tuned.

Source: Jalopnik