Amazing! Honda Project 2 & 4, a lightweight sports car, with the engine of a MotoGP!

Honda just made our dreams come true. Imagine a sports really light, which eliminate the superfluous to stay with a chassis, with minimal body to sustain our body, suspension and engine, and a unique place, the pilot. Let’s put a real beast motor. We do not want many cylinders, and a huge engine, we want a rabid engine, which rises to 14,000 laps, yes, 14,000 rpm! Take a MotoGP engine. And the result is what you see in these pictures, the Honda Project 2 & 4 . In short, Honda has made your dreams come true.

Most beast imaginable: a chassis, engine that weighs just over 400 kilograms and with the heart of a MotoGP develops 215 hp and reaches 14,000 rpm .

The Honda Project 2 & 4 is a prototype, a project to be presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show and, in principle, we will not see in showrooms. Honda wanted to create something that surprised us, really. And what if they succeeded!

Honda wanted to combine the excitement generated by their most sport bikes, with driving a four-wheel vehicle. And for that they equipped to this chassis with an engine practically competition, the engine of RC213V . It is a V-4 engine of 999 cc, four-stroke, which develops 215 horsepower at 13,000 rpm and maximum torque of 118 Nm at 10,500 rpm, associated with a change DCT six relations. Walking around 14,000 rpm . And ultimately it is practically a motor racing, MotoGP, adjusted for sport motorcycle street.


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The Honda Project 2 & 4 has a design, aesthetics and engine position (central), inspired by Formula 1, Honda RA272 1965. is 3 meters long and weighs just 405 kg . With which you can imagine performance.

honda-project-2-4-01 We will see for the first time at the Frankfurt Motor Show next week. And in the coming days we should learn more about this beast. That moment has already earned our admiration.

Source: Honda
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