Amazing! So broke its record for the fastest bike in the world: 139,45 km/h (video)

can You imagine going into 139,45 km/h on a bicycle? And no, here there is no trick – remember that a bike with rockets that makes a mockery of a Ferrari – we talk about the speed record in a vehicle of propulsion human, that is to say, moved by an intrepid biker not to give pedals. Also you might have been able to imagine that, to get that speed, you need something more than a cyclist with the legs very strong and quick. The perfection of the technique, and a work planning and aerodynamics impeccable, it is essential to get beat a record as amazing as this.

Never before had managed to achieve 139,45 km/h in a vehicle that is powered solely through the force of the rider is on board.

project AeroVelo Eta (from the Greek eta η, the symbol for efficiency) was born from the initiative of a group of engineers, they set out to create the fastest bike in the world. As you can imagine, and although the human-powered was an aspect that they could not renounce, its design had to conform to the requirements of the challenge, so that the car in question is more akin to a rocket, on a bike, at least as we would come to understand any of us. This design has a very clear objective, that of to reduce as far as possible the friction aerodynamic to achieve that the movement generated by the cyclist on your record breaking attempt results in speed gain. The scenario that broke the record is no other than an immense line, in the area of Battle Mountain, in Nevada, united States.

In his first attempt, on September 17, managed to reach the 137,93 km/h. The next day, they reached 139,21 km/h. And two days later, on 19 September, would 139,45 km/h.

Source: Aerovelo Inc.
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