Amazing: there are still Lexus LFA, brand new in the united States


it is Still time to have a brand new Lexus LFA.

The Lexus LFA happens to be not only a model, more sporting manufactured by the luxury division of Toyota, but also the most exclusive and expensive ever created by the japanese corporation. Manufactured between 2010 and 2012, the brand only produced 500 units of this unique super sports car with a price that exceeded the half a million euros in some markets. Supposedly, from a very early date it was said that all units had been sold, but from what we can see, that was not entirely true.

The publication Autoblog has stumbled upon some very interesting data in the latest report of sales figures of Toyota USA, to discover that in these recent sales appeared one unit of the deceased LFA, namely 6. After contact with the brand, apparently, not only there are new units to the sale, but now, in these moments, there are still up to 12 of these new units, brand new, distributed in the showrooms of the brand in the country.

apparently, once they began to descend the sales of the model, the brand not only provided new units to some customers of the model, but also to dealers and managers of the brand. These units that 5 years after the end of its manufacture apparently is still available at those dealers. So it’s worth asking if there will be no more copies of the spectacular Lexus LFA brand new in any other market.


Lexus LFA.

This means, in theory at least, that to day of today we can still take a Lexus LFA, brand new, although according to the same publication american, the best is not as simple as it seems. According to Autoblog, some of these copies may not be for sale, though units are completely new and unused, in the dealerships where they currently reside.

┬┐The reason?, because they are either units that the dealers want to preserve as a collector’s item and try to get a higher value or as a model of exposure, using the attractive sport to draw attention and adorn the exhibition area. This is not the first time we meet with a similar case.

The Lexus LFA was all a declaration of intentions and a tour-de-force technology of the japanese brand. Their own development lasted a decade, with the first prototypes rolling in N├╝rburgring during the year 2003. It had a frame-carbon-fibre monocoque and the engine was a V10 developed exclusively for this model. The block V10 at 72 degrees cubicaba 4.8 litres and delivering 560 HP and 480 Nm of maximum torque, associated to an automatic gearbox sequential 6-speed.