Amazon already pays for itself with ads to the signing star of Jeremy Clarkson and the new “Top Gear”

don’t you be the slightest doubt. The signing of Jeremy Clarkson, James May, and Richard Hammond, Amazon is the authentic move of the year. After the event in which Clarkson and one of the producers were involved in a fight, and his farewell to the BBC, the trio skull is already rolling some of the reporting that we will see next year in your new program for Amazon Prime. We don’t know yet what will be the name of this program, even if you will follow a similar format to that of Top Gear. But, in the meantime, Amazon already pays for itself the image of Clarkson with his first advertising actions, while in Argentina they ask for jail time for Jeremy for the offense of the registration of a few years ago.

Amazon has released a new ad in the Uk to promote their system the Amazon Fire TV, which is essentially a video player on demand the size of a pendrive, which is connected to the port HDMI of a tv you can transform it – with certain limitations – in a Smart TV. So that you could watch different tv channels that serve video on demand, including competition from Amazon, Netflix; the string that Clarkson does not dare to mention, the BBC; and – of course – Amazon Video, which soon will be issued the first chapters of the program of Clarkson.

Thanks to our reader and friend Felipe for the track.