Amazon has patented a drone that charge your electric car in motion

Who is thinking about buying an electric car always has to face the same questions: do you have enough autonomy for me?” where can I upload it?, how long will it take to recharge the battery? It seems that Amazon could solve all these problems, because has patented a system that uses a drone to load the car up.

The charging method patented by Amazon take advantage of the accumulated experience with its drones delivery, although it carries with it the added difficulty of having to land on a moving target. In addition, these drones should be much more powerful, since the current can only load packages up to 2.2 kg, and is expected to reach more speed than the 32 km/h to get to today.

How to work the system to load cars with a drone

Amazon has patented this ingenuity in the Patent and Trademark Office of the united States under the title “Systems, devices and methods for supplying energy to an autonomous vehicle”. The schematic drawing included in the patent shows a mechanism housed in the ceiling of a car, which is where the drone is coupled to provide energy.

In the patent also describes a process in which the drones of the Amazon communicate with the electric vehicles that there are in the nearest road and monitors the use and need of energy that may have. If a car is unable to reach its destination with the current charge level, your landlord may request that we send a drone autonomous, which will be attached to your car while it is running.

future Prospects

Although acquiring a patent does not mean that you will develop this system, could have applications reasonable in the future. In particular, if the use of electric cars is just beginning to return to normal. To bring the point of loading to a site, instead of having to go yourself you can get more than one of a trouble. If for any reason a vehicle is without a load in the medium path, a system similar to this could be more cost-effective than sending a crane to the place, and you should only give enough autonomy to get itself up to the loading point nearest to you.

This is not the only approach of Amazon in the world of automotive, a little over a month announced that they were investigating the possibility of opening their own car dealers, and earlier this year patented also an intelligent road for autonomous cars.

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