Amazon now only an advisor, but want to sell a car

AmazonAt the time of purchase a new vehicle, consumers need to have sufficient information to succeed with your purchase. According to several studies, the internet is the source where most information seekers these customers. The basic reason for this behavior is strengthened is by the immediacy in obtaining the information and by the amount of sources that provide.

however, skip the traditional channels of obtaining information to purchase or justify the purchase of a vehicle can be very dangerous. Ask among friends, family and even the brother-in-law all-powerful who knows everything is useful. However, the most reliable source to acquire a new vehicle does not cease to be the official dealer in which we can see, touch and try.

Amazon Kia Sportagehowever, the giant Amazon wants to go a step further and position as a counselor for clients who need or want to buy a new car and do not have time or do not want to leave the house. Amazon Vehicles is the platform that has just launched the signature of buying and selling online, and that will be used to provide data to the client indecisive you need detailed information of the different models which value to acquire.

With this platform Amazon seeks customers that have purchased a vehicle to interact with those who are considering buying a new one as the one you already have. In this way, could share information valuable to close the model making the customers be bowed by him or by another competitor’s trademark. However, we have to be careful with this type of communities and information that in them there can be, because they might be manipulated or biased.

today it is still impossible to acquire as such, a new vehicle through this platform. However this situation must not dismiss it at all, since in the very near future , we could have the car of our dreams in a single click.

Source – Amazon