Amazon Vehicles, the first approach of Amazon in the sale of cars


Sure by now that you already know Amazon: the north american giant founded by Jeff Bezos is one of the essentials in everything related with shopping online. But there are still some other sector that resists it and in which Amazon is not present: you guessed it, the car sales is one of them.

Your last move strategic points to this sense, though still without specifying: Amazon Vehicles was born as a division for the company, and on its website you’ll be able to consult a wide range of data from a multitude of cars, yes, focusing on the U.s. market. Images, videos, specifications, catalogs, officers or opinions of customers they already have the model, all of this will be what will Amazon Vehicles.

By the time Amazon Vehicles will not offer the sale of new cars, but we all have in mind that would be a logical next step. Either directly or as the intermediary of the own car dealers -that is to say, to buy the car through Amazon and pick it up at a concession of the mark -, why would you buy a car like if you buy a book, for example?


In any case, and for the moment, it does not cease to be a guess about their future plans. The present reality is that Amazon Vehicles will be as a large catalog of new vehicles and classic, hoping that the community of users also contribute with their own opinions and content, specifically focusing on the north american market.

In the words of Adam Goetsch, director of the department of automotive of the company, “Our goal is to support customers during one of the most important purchases in your life, they do a lot of intensive research, helping them to make informed decisions every step of the way.


Will have to see if a tab of a car similar to that of any other object saleable -available in the configurators of the own brands and media specialist with more detail – will be enough to put Amazon on liza. The long-term goal of Amazon seems clear: sell car. Of time, through Amazon Automotive already marketed-back in the USA – a comprehensive catalog of spare parts, accessories, & parts tuning.

in the meantime, and without leaving, you can not only know all the technical data of a model, or to be informed of all the latest product and racing: here you can buy a new car with large discounts, buying a car ‘Km.0’ or a second-hand car, in a very simple way and starting the process over the internet. In this case, the final processing things as usual, at the dealer itself.