Amazon wants to create an intelligent road to autonomous cars


driving autonomous will change the world and our way to lead and move around the world. In a matter of a very short time we will have for the roads models fully autonomous, but its high level of technology will have to face a road outdated. This will happen because the high number of kilometres that have the networks of roads may not be updated at the pace that is updated on the cars.

In this race for the automation of driving all brands want to get (others and own) and on the way, we find surprises. Amazon is one of the companies of electronic commerce, the world’s largest, and in their eagerness to grow, and get involved in the automotive industry, has decided to sell car online. However, the u.s. firm is not satisfied with this and are studying, such as to create an intelligent road to help the autonomous cars to move safely through them.

Amazon carretera inteligente

In the image that you have in the upper part we can see a design of how to be a ipotética intelligent road for the autonomous cars can move and navigate in a more secure and intuitive than in the that we currently. This sketch has been presented in the United States Patent and Trademark Office at the beginning of this week, and although this does not mean you have to get to be built shows very well the ideas that has the signature american.

This new road would work by using a system of sensors located in the asphalt. By them would be conveyed the cars to the track, and it will warn you of weather, potential accidents, traffic on the pathway or any event that may interfere with driving. With all this information the vehicle may be moved safely adapt their speed and behavior to what really happens on the road without having to rely on complex vision cameras or measurement systems.

We will be attentive to see what makes Amazon and if you decide to bet on its intelligent road. We could get much more benefit than it might seem at first sight hahaha

Source – United States Patent and Trademark Office