American brands ask Trump that relax the emissions standard

matriculacionesThe eight years that lasted the mandate of the former president of the united States, Barack Obama, have been characterized by a balance between the industrial activities of the economy and the environment. Your executive before leaving the power has approved the construction of charging stations for electric vehicles across the country and also leaves it to the manufacturers that there operates a law on the fuel efficiency and the expense of cars.

This law of efficiency in the use of the fuels in view of the major car manufacturers of the united States was draconian because it obliged them to that their motors do not consume or contaminated. However, now that the president will leave office in a matter of a couple of months, we have put hands to the work for the next president of the nation will lift the hand and allow them to consume and pollute more to their engines.

ContaminaciónTo do this, by sending a letter to Donald Trump, the major brands of cars we ask that you do not enable this act as a bit until the next year to 2025. This law has caused great controversy in the country of Uncle Sam as the industry (globally) has expressed its support to the overall efficiency and the environmental objectives of the program. However, the brands of cars they are more concerned about the deadlines you have to meet and the costs that this involves a level of investment in R+D+i, that really care about the environment.

Obviously it is very likely that the new president of the united States will support them and grind to a halt, the standard that Obama had created. The reason for this will more than likely support is based on the fact that “this guy” doesn’t believe in global warming or cares about this aspect if it impairs or complicates the financial situation of the companies homelands. Is only focused on obtaining the highest possible benefit in your business and not if it harms one or thousands of millions of people.

If you really this situation seems to me very sad that the trademarks act in this way and more to take advantage of the change of power to give a blow on the table. What you should do is ensure your prospective customers are able to continue buying cars when they have the right age and this can only be done with investment, investment and more investment. I hope you understand.

Source – Automotive News