American Muscle massaged by Cosworth! This is the engine of the rebirth of TVR

Things really seem to be working in TVR . After a failed attempt to rescue by a Russian millionaire, TVR will be relaunched soon with the help of Gordon Murray and Les Edgar, the current owner and investor, in charge of the project . Until now we did not know many details about this sport propeller, only that it would be produced by Cosworth V8 is available. Now we know what propellant Speak: a fantastic 5.0 V8 Coyote, straight out of the Ford Mustang GT


The new engine V8 Cosworth has been tested on the dynamometer without any problems.

Before you say anything, I remind you that it is a propellant already tested, installed almost five years ago in the Ford Mustang and in a somewhat less powerful configuration – 385 CV – mounted the Ford F-150. In the case of Ford Mustang Boss 302, the engine came to develop 445 horsepower , and in the hands of Cosworth should reach 500 hp without problem. Cosworth is what will replace their heads and much of its internal components, in addition to giving it a more aggressive set-point.

ford-mustang-chevrolet-camaro-cuatro-cilindros-2-1440px It has been confirmed that the engine will also a lighter crankshaft, new exhaust manifolds and dry sump lubrication. Another reason for which TVR has chosen this engine it is its reliability: it is a very solid foundation that supports the amendments without any problems. In TVR even was valued at 4.0 back to the original Speed ​​Six engine, six-cylinder. The idea was discarded because it would have been very difficult to achieve that the engine fulfilled with current anti-pollution regulations.

One of the reasons for choosing this American V8 is its reliability and mechanical strength.

is a shame they have not used the new 5.2 V8 Aluminum Shelby GT350 and GT350 R , but we imagine it’s an engine that Ford does not sell to third parties and cheerfully this is an engine built by hand, in low numbers. But I do not worry too much, the performance of the 5.0 V8 prepared by Cosworth promise to leave us with an open mouth, and more than one reason. First, because the objective of the proposed sports weight TVR is only 1,100 kilograms , a featherweight with a great power.

vuelve-tvr-3 A power-to-weight 500 hp / ton is almost as good as that of a Bugatti Veyron, and is made possible by the iStream tubular chassis construction patented by Gordon Murray . The car will have a very pure dynamics without driving aids – could not have even ABS – and involving the driver all the way into his riding, equipping a manual gearbox with no option to automatic. The first deliveries could happen next year, but before the final design should meet the car.

What could happen within a few months. TVR also he confirmed that could be ready to launch a version of this new sports competition, will certify to the Le Mans Series.

Source: Autocar
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TVR hangs the sign sold out for a sporty yet exist

TVR returns to the ring, and makes hand former Gordon Murray and McLaren Cosworth!

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