Among these shadows is the Volvo S90 that we meet in Detroit

Volvo S90 teaserWhile Volvo does not believe that, you are left with little to teach of its new flagship, the Volvo S90. Why? Because it has been filtered many times through a few scale models. We already know how it’s going to be your design, and even so, the Swedish brand gives us an insight of his arrival through a new teaser. He will be with us as is the start of the year.

The first great hall of the season is the Salon de Detroit, a place that has chosen Volvo to publicly present your S90. In January 2016 we’ll know definitively, and we will discover the secrets of one of the models that more desire we have to analyze. It will be a new benchmark technology in the range, although much of this will follow in the footsteps of the XC90.

Volvo S90 teaserThe images of advancement does not show further that the lateral line of the car and the driver rear. The first image we can say that it is a saloon stylized, where the volumes are something more confused thanks to a roof collapse more soft. Not in vain, is performing well that will be a saloon, traditional able to be measured to the germans of the last generation.

The design seems pretty square, something usual in Volvo. The rear forward a few LEDS large size divided in two heights. It is precisely this division is one of the key design elements in the new generation of Volvo product began with the aforementioned XC90. Later there will come a V90, which has also been filtered with models. Will be the body family, the saloon Swedish.

The Volvo S90 will be presented at the Detroit motor show in a couple of months and should reach to the streets throughout 2016. In terms of mechanics, it will focus on engine 4-cylinder turbo, as the XC90, with several levels of power. As top of the range should reach a T8 with a mechanical hybrid plug-in. Versions of all-wheel drive are secured.

Source – Volvo

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